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I have just had an email offering a discounted first year’s subscription to SU but it is time limited. I renewed my Classic licence at the end of May so I presume my Maintenance & Support (neither of which I have ever had cause to use, mind) doesn’t expire for another 6 months beyond the 4 November deadline. I am not sure what to do. I obviously want to take advantage of any promotional discount but if I do it now, I may just be paying twice for the same thing. Or will my year of subscription only start in May even if paid much earlier. Does anyone know?

My take on this : The M&S ends on its one year anniversary. To take advantage of the offer you will lose that portion of the M&S. Tough one to figure out. I am fortunate, to take advantage of the offerI will only lose one month.

I have not made up my mind, but what I think I might do is not accept the discount - because (as I understand it) doing so would convert my Classic license into a subscription. I do not want to lose the perpetual license that I currently have. Instead, I am tempted to just start a new subscription when I finally feel motivated to use a new SketchUp Pro. I realize that approach means I would pay about $180 more than I would pay had I accepted the discount, but in the long run (a few years from now) I think I would rather still have an old perpetual license than that $180.


I have decided not to make a decision about this until my M&S runs out next April.

nope, maintenance is terminated as of the date of conversion and cannot be reinstated at a later date but the license remains to be a perpetual license. The license may still be used and installed on new devices if there are remaining activations but is not eligible for maintenance updates or upgrades to a new major version any longer.

The responses make sense but there is clearly confusion here. It would be good to have someone from Trimble tell us where we stand. Anyone know anyone there?

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there is no confusion, valid is what I’ve written above, additionally:

A perpetual licence must meet all the following requirements to be eligible:

• Single user perpetual licence of SketchUp Pro (Classic)
• Has not previously been used in any subscription promotion
• Is the most recent serial number (if previously upgraded/auto-upgraded)
• Is a registered commercial version
• Has a Maintenance and Support plan that is active or expired not longer than 3 years prior to the date of conversion

No other license types qualify for the promotion. Each perpetual licence may only be converted once.

I see from your profile that you are a reseller so I’m guessing you should know. But you had to correct @TDahl so whilst you may not be confused, surely others are, no?

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not yet anymore.

Feierabend, leavin’

Huh? No comprende, señor.

Calling it a day. Even my German is too rusty to get it without help.

As I read this, if one takes the deal to convert their license to subscription, then the classic version they have stays perpetual and transferable, but if there happens to be a maintenance update during the window of what the M&S would have otherwise been, then one does not get that update to their perpetual version.

So: if one wants to have the very latest update version possible in perpetuity then one should not convert as it will stop any updates to the perpetual version?

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So, if I understand what you’re saying, that would mean if you are current now and jump at the deal now, you end up with SU 2020 as your last permanent version, but if your M&S runs long enough to see the release of 2021(assuming that happens?), you end up with that as your final permanent version?


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Btw. the deadline is for buying. If you plan to prolong the classic for as long as you can, you could even buy additional months if your classic maintenance doesn’t end round that date (eg. @simoncbevans in may)
Everyone should decide for themselves if the current offer is enough to switch.
Myself being part of the distributor network, and having a classic license since version 5, I decided to migrate my license. It is still active and running, I can activate on new machines and (re)move it to others. Basically, I now have two licenses and can activate on four machines (I only have one mouse and two hands though)
The real question, of course, is why the end date was set in november.


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I think it’s a bit confusing but came to the same assumption. My M&S is good till June 2021 so saving $180 and losing hopefully a perpetual license of SU 2021 doesn’t seem like a good deal to me, just my 2 cents. I may not even end up going the subscription route, so if they really wanted to entice classic users they should of just offered a free conversion to subscription. Full cost $695 plus $120 M&S given up to save $180 ?

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Indeed. A conspiracy theorist would smell a rat.

Members of the SU team often jump in and add comments to threads like these but so far, they have chosen to step well back. Should we read anything into that? Or maybe they don’t understand the Trimble motivation themselves?

I know those who have posted here represent a very small group but they are also some of the most regular and eminent forum members, so their views are important and arguably representative of the confusion that I maintain exists.


I too have decided to forego the offer of a reduced subscription and have renewed my Classic licence until August 2021. I only upgraded to Pro a year ago so I wanted to capitalise on the outlay.

I wasn’t entirely swayed by this but, without naming names, my reseller stated “We can’t confirm that there will definitely be migration offers at that time [ie Aug 2021], but there will still be a lot of their users on maintenance so we expect/hope there will be”.

Trimble would be mad not to try and entice as many Classic users to transfer to subscription when their M&S finally runs out but then I’ve long believed that, as a company, they’re all mouth and no ears.