Renew M & S or subscribe?

have SketchUp Pro 2017,
need to switch to subscription or renew Maintenance and Support etc. ?
Anybody have an opinion about what to choose ?
SKP themselves are pretty happy about themselves but not very clear about what to do as a costumer.


I am a customer too.

I will renew M&S for a last year. Then I stop to pay for Trimble SketchUp. Classic licences are discontinued, so you have time to choose to wait several years after, if you want to subscribe again. Your SketchUp version you buy will continue to work “perpetually” as they said, but software depend on OS and do not work perpetually.
This is why I am considering to move to another solution, because I don’t want to rent software, and to be forced to.

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Good clear answer, thanks a lot !

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In your particular case it would cost $240 to renew your support. That would immediately give you a permanent 2020 license, and if you don’t change anything you would be certain to have that upgraded to a permanent 2021 license during the next 12 months.

Then, in a year from now, you can decide if you want to keep getting support, and be able to get the 2022 version when that is out. If you don’t subscribe, your 2021 version will continue to work.

The other option is that you may have received an email to give you a subscription with a discount for the first year. If you take that, and after 12 months decide you don’t like it, you would be back with 2017 as being your most recent permanent license.

You were due to renew support on November 1st 2018, which means that after November 1st this year your old license can’t be renewed. So, you don’t have to decide right this minute, as long as you have renewed by the end of October, it won’t have cost you any extra money to have taken the time to think it over.

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