Yet more Classic M&S or Subscription woes

Trying to verify the products I own, I connected to Trimble | Account Management, only to find products assigned to me are those I NEVER PURCHASED. To wit: Sketchup Free and Sketchup Studio Trial. I have a license or SketchUp Pro 2019. I merely wanted to find out when it expires. This is somewhat disconcerting.

Then when I check my account address there, IT IS BLANK. Seriously? What am I doing wrong?

I do not understand why this entire process is so convoluted and counter-intuitive.

The page you were checking is where subscription products are listed. You have a permanent Classic license, and that is shown on this page:

On that page you would put in your serial number and your email address, and look up the license. You can click on the Email my authorization code envelope icon to have your 2020 license sent to you.

Currently you are still using 2019, but you do have a 2020 license you can use. You also have support until May 24th 2021.

If you’re reading about subscription promotions and migrations, you don’t need to do anything before May. By then you will also have a permanent 2021 license, but in May you won’t be able to renew that kind of support. If you do go on to migrate to a subscription version of SketchUp Pro, then it will show up on the page along with the trial version and the Free version.

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Thank you, Colin. That was helpful.

Except it didn’t work.