2021 - subscription or perpetual?

I received the following email and I am confused. I have no interest in the internet subscription model, but would be willing to upgrade to a new desktop version. Is 2021 just the next Internet only version?

Long-time SketchUppers deserve the best deal we’ve ever offered.

We’re always iterating and improving things here at SketchUp and we want to be sure you, our most loyal customers, don’t get left behind.

As our M&S program comes to an end, you’ve got two options:

• Get the first two years of a SketchUp Pro Subscription for just $240 (a $358 savings!) and access every feature update past, present, and future.

• [Update your current perpetual license] before November 4 to access SketchUp Pro 2021 when it’s released.

You can’t lose either way. We think that’s pretty sweet.


Mike W.

I received a similar message from Trimble today. I think that the second option is saying that if you pay one final time in the next few days (before November 4, 2020) for Maintenance & Support, that you will be able to receive a perpetual license for SketchUp Pro 2021 when it is released. This assumes that SketchUp Pro 2021 will be released within the one year time period after you purchased this final M&S renewal.

I got that part but I don’t know if 2021 is desktop based like 2018 or internet based like the latest offering. My PC or the cloud?


It will be desktop based like SU2020. If it wasn’t I’m sure they’d have told us by now because there would be a lot for pro users to take care of.

The latest offering of SU 2020 Pro is desktop based. All SketchUp Pro versions have been desktop based.

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I thought they discontinued ALL perpetual licenses…

After the first part of November you will no longer be able to buy or update a Classic license.

I have a classic license. (I think) What’s the difference between that and “perpetual”?

Classic licenses won’t be perpetual anymore, i.e. there will no longer be any M&S.

If you want the latest SketchUp (after your M&S has expired) you will have to subscribe

the Classic license is what some people have been referring to as “perpetual.” It is perpetual in that if you chose not to renew your maintenance and support, you could at least continue using the version you have for as long as you want. If you allowed the M&S to lapse, you wouldn’t be able to upgrade to a newer version. That is going away next month and only the subscription option will be available. You’ll pay an annual fee and get the current version of SketchUp and LayOut along with some other features that aren’t available to Classic license holders. If you choose to let the subscription lapse, you won’t be able to use SketchUp. Kind of like if you decide to stop paying the electricity bill you won’t be able to continue watching TV or keep your ice cream frozen.

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Thanks Dave, but I’m still confused. What I want to do is continue with support and get new updates when available. Should I take advantage of the 60% offer? See attached. (I’m over 80 years now and not as quick as I used to be. $ are important so I have to be careful)
Thanks so much for your kind advice.

BTW, I looked for the link to the 60% offer, but was unsuccessful.

(Attachment 60% off for Classic license holders.eml is missing)

That seems like a good idea. As I understand it that offer is good for users who are current on their Classic license maintenance and support program. Do you know when your current maintenance and support expire? Colin has suggested to others that they wait until close to the expiration date before switching to the subscription.

You should have gotten an e-mail about it but maybe @colin can help you get that sorted.

You still have support until late May 2021, so it’s best to do nothing for now. You can still get the 60% discount at that time, and you would want to be signed in with your embarqmail email address for the discount to show up.

Thanks for your time Dave. I’ll try and dig up the particulars about my license and get ahold of Colin.

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See Colin’s response after mine.

When I sign in to Trimble, my Pro doesn’t show up. Only shows “Free” and expired Studio Trial. What am I doing wrong? Here is what my software shows:
SketchUp Pro 2020
Licensed to Hal Smith / Retired
Licensed for Commercial use
License type Single User
Serial number

You shouldn’t put your serial number out in public.

Sorry… I didn’t know.

‘Classic’ licenses aren’t visible in the AMP, yet, only Subscriptions.

This is the page to check on your Classic license:


Thanks… Will I get an email notification when it’s time to renew?