My SketchUp Pro Classic perpetual license has finally expired!

To all,

My SketchUp Pro Classic perpetual license has finally expired, as reminded to me from an e-mail by sales-support. It goes on to say:-

I’ll still have access to my SketchUp Pro, but I’ll be missing out on the latest and greatest features and top-notch Pro technical support. Stay up-to-date by switching to a subscription plan with this sweet deal:

The sweet deal being £259.00 (UK-sterling) for the first two years on their Subscription plan.

I’m still not comfortable with subscription plans per-se, but it does look like a reasonable offer.

However, I’m not too sure what was meant by the ‘latest-&-greatest-features’. Am I missing out on some features with my Perpetual version 21.1.299 ?

Or, are there some new features to come that would persuade me to upgrade ?

I guess I could revert back to my Perpetual version 21.1.299 after the two-year period if these features/upgrades weren’t beneficial to me ?

Your 2021 license will continue to work even if you don’t take the subscription offer. If there are further updates to 2021 you will be able to install those too.

If you do take the subscription for two years you would be able to use whatever the latest version is. If after two years you decide that the 2021 features are all that you need, and you don’t need any technical support, you could stop subscribing and go back to using the last version of 2021.

One good thing, starting with the 2021 version you will be able to open later version files. Previously you would have had to take your later files and do a Save As back to a 2021 format, to be sure that you could continue to work on the files. You won’t need to do that. Of course, during the two years you could occasionally test that, and see if your latest version files do still open in 2021.


I asked the same earlier this year when my classic license was about to expire.

I took the deal and to be honest, feature-wise, nothing worthwhile has been released. In fact the latest release has broken Layout’s export to PDF :no_mouth:

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Hi Colin,
So, as I undertand, my SketchUp Pro Classic perpetual license hasn’t really expired in terms of any updates during the rest of 2021 or until SU-Pro 2022 is released ?

If so, that’s good news, I’ll wait until SU-Pro 2022 is released, as I’m sure another similar offer will pop up around that time to persuade me to upgrade ?.. :thinking: :thinking:

In a future version, you might be happy to have Layout PDF export and it will give you a new feature.

There may even be new features for 2022 that weren’t offered in 2021.

that broke my brain

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I’m just now noticing a problem with my pro account. I was trying to update one of my extensions and it wouldn’t update. so my pro account is still okay? Its frustrating. I changed computers and can’t switch my sketchup to the new computer. what do I do?

This is a kind of Russian roulette. There were offers made some time ago when the new subscription plan was announced. Some, like me, resisted, others took the plunge immediately hoping for great new things. Like @paul.mcalenan, many found that nothing all that startling did appear. The Who famously sang about not getting fooled again. I don’t think I would assume, like @CJT1963, that a similar deal will come along again. If it did and people taking up the current offer feel disappointed, it would be something of an own goal for Trimble.

Let’s be optimistic. There is no doubt that it is a good deal if we start to see genuine improvements, so I am probably going to take the plunge this time. My only worry is that a company that moves their payment structure (maybe to stem accruing losses) and then goes through a number of “hurry while stocks last” type of inducements can look a bit like a fire sale. Let’s hope it’s not that.

Which extension was it, and what happened when you tried to update it?

After so little development, I think that 2022, which will be exclusively in subscription (of course…), will have a lot of new features. It’s pretty straightforward actually, just stack up upgrades and take them out later. The question is what will be the evolution over several years, after years of stagnation.
I am currently in an interesting process: I am developing myself, so I am in no hurry.

sorry… fourth dimension…

“There may even be new features for 2022 that weren’t offered in 2021.”

Trampy 2.0?

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Yes, interesting projects like programming a new inference, new help tools for drawing and also mastering the basic algorithms of 3D software, in a collection of documented algorithms. For example, I have the triangulation algorithms of faces, pierced or not.

Now, my brain broke. I am more or less square FWIW is there a pierced rectangle as well?
Super exciting. When will it be released?
Is there a beta?

Yes, it is very interesting for me, because I have more and more freedom to create, not only to rely on APIs from 3D software. Having fast methods to triangulate a polygon is very interesting for Finite element method and 3D computer graphics. Concave polygons are not easy to manage with fundamental 3D math and 3D algorithm. But not as exciting as the technology used in 2021.1 to block shift key.

A small update FWIW…

I have just noticed that the discounted subscription offer issued 5 July “is valid through 4 December at 11:59pm MST”. That’s actually quite a long time. Plenty, in fact, to see what SU 2022 might look like (assuming release pattern similar to earlier years). If it doesn’t arrive, or looks underwhelming, I guess one can take a view about the value of the offer.

Putting it another way, there doesn’t seem to be much point in taking the plunge just yet unless you use Maintenance & Support (which I never have, this forum being a pretty reliable resource).