Perpetual License

I purchased a perpetual license in 2019; included in that (as the name suggest) was an upgrade each year to the latest version. I’ve just been informed by my local re-seller in Australia that Trimble is no longer supporting this and I’d have to pay for a new version upgrade. There was no refund offered, only a 20% discount for the new version.

Sounds like you misunderstood the license you purchased. The Classic or perpetual license is perpetual for the SketchUp version you purchased it for. When the Classic licenses were being offered, you would be entitled to upgrade to the next version if you kept your maintenance and support current by paying the annual Maintenance and Support fee.

As of a couple of years ago they changed the licensing to remove the Classic license and the option to continue Maintenance and Support. Now the only licensing option is to purchase a subscription. There were a number of e-mails sent to Classic license holders letting them know about this change well before it occurred and for awhile there was a deeper discount offered to Classic license holders for switching to the Subscription but as is typical of these sorts of things, it was a limited time offer.

There’s no reason to expect a refund. The license you purchased is still good for the product you purchased it for. If that’s SketchUp 2019, it’s still good for that version.

There is something about your license that I hadn’t seen before. When you bought SketchUp around November 5th 2019, you immediately got the 2019 version, and you were entitled to any updates in the next 12 months. 2020 came out during that time, but I think you didn’t activate it. 2021 came out on November 17th 2020, which was after your support had ended. Still, your license was upgraded to 2021.

So, you have a perpetual 2019 license, could have had a perpetual 2020 license, and you have a perpetual 2021 license. The thing that you didn’t get was perpetual upgrades.

Hey, I remembered something. There was a special deal that happened for people who were ending their support around that time. Anyone who was due to renew between November 4th and the release of 2021 was given an upgrade. That explains why you were given a 2021 upgrade after your support had ended.

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Okay, thanks for the clarification.