SketchUp License 2020 / 2021 General Question

My last PC blew up spectacularly, I’ve had to reinstall sketchup on the new one! I now have a question regarding my previous perpetual license with regards to version 2021? It seems that licenses are overriding, once you have installed 2021 and licensed (with my perpetual license) you can’t install 2020 or earlier.

Thus in this regards, will my 2021 license (updated in November) still remain as perpetual for use of 2021, or will it expire?

You’re ‘active’ license is for 2021 and will be perpetual. Eg. you can remove and transfer the license.

What happens is that as soon as you activate a newly received license, you ‘trade’ the old one for a new.

That’s why you should trial a version first, instead of immediately activating it.

This goes for the ‘classic’ license, btw. Subscription based license use their Trimble ID and can ‘activate’ all version that can use a sign in for activation (2019 and up)

Btw. your 2021 version has the new filetype, which means that files created by newer versions will open.