2020 and 2021 together / mac

I have a classic licence for 2020 and run 2021 now from that. I need to run 2020 again, for in there vray 4 licence is installed and I do not need to upgrade vray. Chaos seems to refuse to make vray 4 available for 2021.

But my 2020 is wanting a licence again (which i do have) but it does not accept the codes, which it should, because it is perpetual.
What is the issue here?

When you activate a later version license it becomes your active license, and the old version cannot be activated on a new machine. It will continue to work on any machine that it was working on.

I reactivated your 2020 license, so that you can activate it on a new machine now. But, make sure to get 2020 going before you next activate 2021, otherwise it may deactivate the 2020 license again.

Any 2021 that you installed and activated, will continue to work.

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This is one of the multiple problems of the restrictions from Trimble.

I have a lot of complains about.

This restrictive policy is not consistent with the idea of a plug-in ecosystem, I am thinking in particular of plug-ins and scripts from independent developers.


Colin: it is the same machine as the last year, only after a larger ssd change and a time-machine rebuild. People do upgrade, the way things are restricted now seems to be a lot of work in after sales without any need for this.
I would suggest Trimble stop pestering the perpetual classic owners with ludicrous restrictions on 2020. Trimble built a prison around its licenses. And still thinks users coud be happy? Quite a numbver of s is not.
I really try to be as licensed as possible, but with this kind of hassle I can imagine people to look elsewhere for a less problematic option.

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