Mac crash, need 2020 reset

Sadly my trusted macbook died. (En route on holiday… ) Of course with my also trusted 2020,perpetual still running.
I will be able to switch the ssd to another identical laptop next week but i presume this will not work with the sketchup licence. Is there a location where i can reset installed licences online?
My second install is on a windows mchine i seldom use, but will be needed shortly as a backup for needed work.

Perhaps @colin from Trimble can assist?

Your 2020 license won’t activate on any machine, because you already had activated 2021. Is there a reason you need to use 2020 instead of 2021?

Yup, i seem to have a number of old 2021 files which sometimes require 21. Twice a year justabout. Thats all. These were made before someone at trimble made n upgrde possible and afterwards nagged about it not working. Has never been clear why.
I still don’t understand the problem, but its there.
But 2020 is there for my vray usage and anything going. 21 is hardly used.

I put your 2020 license into a state that should let you activate it, to then use Vray.

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Tx colin, ill leave 2021 uninstalled.

No need, you can keep both.