Transition (shift) of two Pro licenses to new hardware

Hi all,

I was using SketchUp Pro 2016 when I learned that Trimble would change licensing from perpetual licenses to a subscription model. I am old, retired, and live on a small fixed income. I am not able to afford the subscription model. I use SketchUp only for reviewing and revising old household projects and some new personal projects.

We decided to bite the bullet and buy the license for the last perpetual license while it was available. I had not purchased yearly Pro licenses, and therefore had to purchase SketchUp Pro 2020 outright.
I moved the 2016 perpetual license to old PCs that I have in a remote materials-storage building and to our shop. I installed the 2020 perpetual license on PCs in the house.

With Windows 11, we updated the house PCs and have moved the old ones to the shop and shed and will donate the older shed and shop computers when the transition is complete. I understand the licenses must be removed from the PCs currently hosting SketchUp before the perpetual licenses can be transferred to the new host.

So, we have two perpetual licenses, one for 2016 Pro and one for 2020 Pro that we need to keep using. Will you please provide the best procedure that will allow that transition, retaining the use of our two perpetual licenses on our updated hardware?

Thanks for your help.

I can’t find any licenses for the email you use in the forum. Can you click on my avatar and send a message to me, to tell me what email address was used, or the serial number for your licenses? Then I can look up your license before making suggestions.

Thank you for the quick response. We appreciate it.

Here is the License information for the 2020 Pro. (license removed)

The other PCs are in a remote location.

I will send a message to you with your latest license details.

Thank you Colin,

I received your message, that I paid for the 2020 license, and that it came with 12 months of updates and that I have a 2021 license that I didn’t use yet.

When I purchased the 2020 license, it was my understanding that licensing would change from perpetual licenses to a subscription model. I am not able to afford the subscription model. Is the 2021 license, that I have not used a perpetual license?

Because, obviously I am confused, and do not want to waste your time, I did some online looking when my Internet came back up, I found the following post.

  • “If you use SketchUp Pro with a network license and need to use SketchUp Pro while you don’t have an active Internet connection (on a plane, for example), you can check out a network license seat for up to a week. After you check out a network license seat, you can run SketchUp Pro when you’re offline.”

As far as I know, I do not have a network license, and the above posting implies that SketchUp 2021 is a subscription license. I just want to use the two stand-alone Pro licenses that we have purchased on different hardware. If 2021 is a stand-alone license, that’s great!

As well as the cost being above our means, our Internet connection here in the mountains is slow and unreliable. Online SketchUp use is not practical for me.

Will you please let me know if our SketchUp Pro 2021 license is of the non-subscription type? If it is subscription, it is not practical for our use.

If SketchUp Pro 2021 is subscription-only, will you please suggest the method to perform the hardware shift of the 2016 and 2020 Pro licenses we have already purchased and are currently using?

Thanks again

Use the license info to activate your downloaded and installed version of 2021.
When prompted to sign in, choose the option below of that dialog to add a classic license.
With 2021, you can read or open all future version models and older ones, so you’re good to go.

Thanks Mike,

Is our SketchUp Pro 2021 license the non-subscription type or is it a perpetual license?

If SketchUp Pro 2021 is subscription-only, will you please suggest the method to perform the hardware shift of the perpetual 2016 and 2020 Pro licenses we have already purchased and are currently using?

Subscription uses the email sign in, adding classic license info will activate the perpetual.

Thank you,

My question was apparently unclear.

We just want our existing and functional 2016 and 2020 SU Pro perpetual licenses to function on updated hardware.

So, again, is our unused SketchUp Pro 2021 license non-subscription or is it a perpetual license?

I guess the answers have been unclear.
2021 is the last version that can be Perpetual or Subscription.
Signing in with the relevant credentials and assigning yourself as the subscription user will make it a subscription license.
If However you Use the Add Classic license button and add the relevant details and license code you will activate the Perpetual license.

This just a lot more words to say what Mike said above.

The license for 2021 that I messaged you, is a permanent license. Your 2016 license was already replaced by later versions, and though it will continue to work on machines that it is on already, you can’t activate it on a new machine.

Your 2020 license could be activated on a new machine, but as you have activated it on 3 machines already, you would need to remove the license from one of the old machines.

The 2021 license doesn’t have any activations, and so the simplest solution to the problem is to leave the old machines running 2016 or 2020, and only activate 2021 on the new machines.