Perpetual Licence - New PC - Install 2020 and 2021

I have bought a new PC and will need to install Sketchup Pro 2020 and 2021 onto that machine. A few years ago I wiped my current machine and ran into some licensing issues when I tried to reinstall 2020 and 2021 - unfortunately I cant quite remember what the issue was. I feel like the issue was the license was activated to 2021 and therefore wouldn’t let me activate the 2020 version - a member of the sketchup team ended up helping me out?

Going forward I have the license and authorization number for both 2020 and 2021 and have the installer files for both versions. Is there anything else I need before I start the process of installing on the new machine?

(To be clear I have a Vray licence which only operates on 2020 whereas all my working files are on 2021 - hence the need for both versions)

AFAIK once you have activated your v.2021 license you can’t reactivate v.2020.

This is consistent with my understanding of how perpetual licenses work - you can only activate new installations of the newest/latest SketchUp version that you have ever installed on that account. For example, installing and activating a 2021 perpetual license means that you can no longer install and activate SketchUp 2020 or 2019 etc. Perhaps @colin from Trimble can clarify and/or assist in making exceptions to the activate-old-version policy?

Yes that feels like what the issue was in the past. I think someone was able to reset the activations so that I could reinstall 2019 and activate it and then install 2020 and activate that.

I’ve been running both programs for years with no problems - hopefully there’s a way to achieve this once again.

It was me that helped 2 1/2 years ago. I did the same thing again, if you add 2020 to the new machine first, then 2021, both licenses should work.


And all the rest of the pro users are happy … I can’t finish the sentence.

Ah thank you so much!

Sorry for the stupid question - but am I ok to keep using both programs on my existing PC? Am still awaiting some parts for my new PC so will likely be installing everything tomorrow.

Am happy to just stay off sketchup until its installed on the new machine if needed.

Thank you once again for your help!

If it works, use it.

Any existing installed version will continue to work, but at some point you may have installed the license onto too many machines. If you still have SketchUp installed on a PC you’re no longer using SketchUp for, open up SketchUp and remove the license, to make sure you have a spare activation for the new PC.


Thats great. Thanks so much for your help!

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