Classic licence reset?

I have a classic license for Sketchup 2020. Now I have changed computers and unfortunately I can no longer activate it there because I have apparently already carried out too many activations. I probably didn’t deregister Sketchup properly so that the license for the old computer is still active, I sold it so I can’t deactivate the licence. I read that Sketchup can reset the number of activated license. How does this work?

You must have made this mistake before because you have 2 activations per license.
Sometimes @colin is able to help if you ask nicely…

Your license has a more complex history than most. You should contact support, and they will see for themselves the various changes that have been made to the license.

One example change is that you requested it to be changed from a 2021 license to a 2020 license. If you no longer must use 2020, and could now use your 2021 license, it does have a spare activation. Support may be able to reactivate that version to solve your immediate problem.

You do also have a subscription that expires in June. You could use that instead, and it will work for 2020 as well as 2019, 2021, and 2022.

To contact support use this form:

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