How do I get Sketchup to reset my activation count on my Classic Sketchup license

I have received a mail from sketchup, telling that I have reached my maximum activation count.
Since I do not have access to my old computers, where Sketchup has been installed, I can not de-activate the license on these computers.
In this case, the mail instructs me to contact Technical support, to ask for a rest of my activation count.
But I can’t contact technical support, since I have a classical license, which do not include an active service subscription.

So how do I get in touch with SketchUp, in order to make them reset my activation count ?

I am aware that I am not entitled to get service and maintenance, but I am still entitled to use SketchUp on 2 different computers, and SketchUp is practically preventing me from doing that, since they maintain a registration of my old installations, and makes it impossible for me to transfer to a new computer.

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You could try contacting Customer Support through the normal channel on For the future you should remove the license from computers you aren’t using to free up the seats. If you do that you won’t have to ask Customer Support to deactivate them.

Hi @DaveR
Thanks for the answer, and sorry if I misunderstand something here - but my issue is exactly that I can not contact Customer Support through the normal channel - or at least, I can’t figure out how.

  1. I can’t find a telephone number to call.
  2. The Customer Support page on the web site does not allow me to fill in a contact form, without a license number with an active service subscription.
  3. this leaves me with only one option, to seek help through this forum.

With the classic license, you get an extra activation for these kind of issues, so you can activate three machines.
Removing software doesn’t free an activation, it would still be registered and tied to that machine.
To be more specific, to the MacAddress of the LAN-adapter (usually the motherboard) and OS user-account’s name.

In case you still might have access to those machines, you could reinstall SketchUp again, activate it and the remove the license.

Depending on the date of purchase, you might be entitled for a newer version that you bought and continue to work with that version.

Check the license here:

Use the first letter to change the version (eg starting with ‘V’ is version 2020, starting with ‘W’ is 2021)

Offcourse, this might end in a ‘catch22’ situation as well if you do not know to which email it is tied, but
most likely, the one where you received the message.

You can take advantage of current promotions to migrate or use your classic serial and get subscribed.
You will be under support for a year and have the ‘latest and greatest’.

Contacting sales is probably easier(!)

The warning email you got was at the time that you used a third activation. The activation did work, you’re just being told that you have gone over the two activations that the license includes. As you have no way to remove the old licenses, the simplest thing would be to not worry about the email. The activation did work.

If you go on to activate on a fourth computer, then the activation itself will fail, hopefully that isn’t your current situation. If it was, and you can’t get through to technical support because you don’t have Classic support, and you don’t have a subscription, you could use the Customer Service contact page instead. I am not sure what would happen to your request to get activations reset. You would want to include a reason why it is you can’t remove the license from the old machines, that may help.