How do you deactivate a license on a computer that no longer works?



I received an email that I “have reached my maximum allowed activations or attempted to exceed your allowed number of activations for your SketchUp Pro license. Trimble allows license holders two installations of SketchUp with their Single-User license. You are receiving this email because you have exceeded the allowed amount.”

My laptop died last month and I had to do a system restore which wiped out my software. It still didn’t work quite right so I purchased a new laptop (I also have it on my office PC). The problem I am having is that SketchUp requires you to remove the license from the computer instead of just uninstalling it. I obviously can’t remove a license from a computer in which the software isn’t even installed on it anymore do to the system restore. What are my options?

It appears to be working on both computers though so maybe the first part of the email (have reached my maximum allow activations) is more accurate than the second part of the email (you are receiving this email because you have exceeded the allowed amount).


I think, you would need to re-install SketchUp (of the proper version) on the restored laptop, and re-enter the license. It should license ok.
Then reboot, and remove the license, via the Help > License dialog.

Then install the same version SketchUp on the new laptop.

Lastly, uninstall SketchUp from the restored laptop, once the licensing for the new laptop is successful.

But, exhaust the online Help support first: