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I am in the process of changing my computer but I need to finish a project I am working on - is it possible to use my licence on a different computer for the time being - that is, until my new computer is up and running

a SketchUp Pro license entitles the licensee to install and activate on two (2) systems.

Leaving the old system remove the product activation from “Help > License” w/ the internet connection active for getting the product activation credited at the Trimble license server.

Hi I recently have started using a new PC and have dismembered the old one, to such a degree I cannot use it to remove the old license. My ‘Maintenance and support’ has now run out of date (I may subscribe in the future, just not now), so I cannot use the service that Trimble are recommending I use to remove the licence from said old computer… I will try to contact Trimble to request them to do this for me since they have removed my access to do it myself… Can anyone think of another way I can remove the licence for the old computer? (I already use SU21 on this new PC and on a mac laptop, so I am ‘maxed out’)

Unless you have access to the SketchUp license servers, I don’t think there’s anything you can do. At this point you’ll have to hope someone at SketchUp will take care of it despite your lapsed M&S.

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@colin has been known to release a machine.

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As you have the license working on the new PC, and your Mac, do you need to add the license to yet another new machine?

The email about exceeding your activations doesn’t mean that the existing activations will stop working. At the moment you are using the license on two computers, if there was a way to clear the license on the dead computer (there isn’t), that would enable you to activate on another new computer, and get back to exceeding the number of activations you’re allowed.

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So I have 2 running computers; the new PC and my trusty mac laptop. previous to this I had the old PC and the mac laptop. That is all I need.

I have SU21 on both present working computers and do not want the license on the old defunct PC.

I’m not sure I comprehend the ‘getting back to exceeding the number of activations I’m allowed’ bit … Sounds like a dark art to me

Each license is allowed to activate on two machines, but for reducing support issues with classic licenses in the past, you got to have one spare activation. Three in total.

In short, you have used that spare activation for the old machine and now have two left.

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Thanks for the clarification. Perhaps I could try resuscitating my old PC to gain a life back.

Yes this should work, taking into account that each activation is tied to the MacAddress of the machine ( basically the Lan adapter on the motherboard) and the Account username.
If those stay the same, you could reinstall and reactivate SketchUp again and then remove it.
Close and start SketchUp again to check if it worked.

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