This SketchUp Pro license has been used on too many computers error, how to logout in other devices?

This SketchUp Pro license has been used on too many computers error, how to logout in other devices?

Did you loose access to the other computers? You need to remove the license in the welcome screen on the devices where it was installed. If you remove SketchUp, it doesn’t do this automatically. If you removed SketchUp, best to reinstall again, add the license again if needeed and then remove it.
Quit SketchUp, restart and check if it worked.
It is important that you do that in the user account that was used during the prior activation.

Unfortunatelly I do not have an access to that device it is at service now.

and the other two devices?
(You may install on two devices, but you get a ‘reserve’ activation…)

I had it only in one and that device is broken, given to service.
I had in my previous laptop whichs mainboard is burned.

There should be someway to signout from other devices

on your side, not any more (perhaps the laptop that is at service right now could be used, unless they have replaced the Network Adapter, which is probably soldered on the Motherboard.
I suspect you don’t have a maintenance contract anymore? Otherwise, you could contact support.
Your other best shot is that you bought 2018 and where still under maintenance when 2019 was released (unfortunately, the release of 2019 was a bit delayed)
You can check the license manager:

to see if you have one.

Can you ask your PC tech to open SketchUp and to remove the license?

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Both computers are formated, but lisence was not removed :frowning:

Hello Mike

How can I get in touch with support? Both laptops are formated and it was not lisence removed :frowning: I do not have an access to the devices.

Reformatting doesn’t have impact on the MacAddress, but does on the user account name, it needs to be the same as the one you used when you first activated the license.
So, create an account with that name, reinstall SketchUp and add the license info. The servers should then recognise the Macaddress and user name.
For support, you are in a ‘catch 22’ situation, since you need to have an active maintenance plan. You could try, though:

Many times when asked ‘why do I need a support plan?’ I refer to insurance policies, you don’t need one, until you need one…

If you use the old license, you could get a promotional offer to subscribe for a year (paying as much or even less as the original classic maintenance plan with a fee for not prolonging on time)
The classic 2018 license should be reactivated and you get the chance to use 2021 for a year.

you are right, I had maintenance & support and did not activate in time. So I have to make it now :confused:

What Mike said about adding the license to the reformatted computers should work, and I don’t think that the user name will have to match. If you don’t want to use SketchUp on those computers for some other reason, you can immediately remove the license, and that will free it up to be used on a new computer.

If that doesn’t work out, use the support link Mike gave, and I hope my colleagues will help you.

Just an FYI: Adobe simply lets you remove another computer if needed, when you log in. Very easy. Surely Trimble could do the same.


You can remove the SketchUp license from a computer and free up an activation… with a Subscription license sign out before closing SketchUp. Easy enough.

I believe it’s their new pricing model of Adobe, the old worked the same as the ‘classic’ license of SketchUp.
With the new system, the user is more in control and not that dependent of support for managing their devices.

While I was in support we were petitioning for there to be a way for users to do that from inside SketchUp. As part of that I sent a screenshot to show how Adobe does it.

I had a reason to be using KeyShot a few days ago, that does it in an even better way. As you launch, you are told that another machine is already using your license, and there is a Take Over button. In no time at all you are up and running, and your other computer that you forgot to sign out from is disconnected from the KeyShot server.

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Luxion or Keyshot is very clear about ‘node-locked licenses’:
You can transfer freely between three, OS-independent machines, but only one can be active.
For a transfer, you need to have access to internet on the current machine you wish to use.
After that, you need to call for support.

With the classic license of SketchUp, it gets kind of ‘blurry’
You are allowed to activate two machines ( but have a ‘spare’ activation) but you may only use one a the time, leaving the user that doesn’t read policies in a vacuum, and users that take disadvantage of it a free ride.( or two)
Multiply that by the number of upgrades.

The classic license is a ‘personal license’ but tied to a machine dating from the days that one might have bought a machine or two to work on. As soon as you have an organization with more than one user, the troubles start.

I don’t think the classic licensing will change, but with the new one, maybe we have some influence.

If a SketchUp license is personal, why is it still tied to a ‘device’ or worse, a version of SketchUp?

Again, blurryness enters because you may only use one instance of SketchUp at the time, but can be logged in on three.

Why not launch SketchUp from the AMP and offer a way to take the license offline?

Instead, if I now want to alter some things in a model on my daughter’s laptop (or machine in an office that has flexible workstations) and forgot to sign out elsewhere, I end up with 5 open tabs in the browser if I am lucky to find the ‘manage my devices’ at all.

Be clear about the usage and compliance and offer more convenient ways to tier the license to the (end) user.

I sort of like the Cloud Zoo system of Rhinoceros. No limit to the amount of installations, you just log in and it works if it is not already open in another machine, just like the “network” license of SketchUp. And it allows the use of previous versions.