Manage activations

You are using SketcUp Pro on too many machines…or manage your activations below.

I have signed out in all other machines, the annual plan is “active” but I simply cannot get in SketchUp Pro.

Help please

Could someone please tell me who to contact? I cannot use SketchUp and dead lines are running out!!

Hello, signing out on a computer is not enough to “release” a licence. You need to pick remove licence in the licence manager to be able to use it on another computer (go to help > manage licencing)

Do you have a classic license or a subscription (‘Annual plan’?)
For subscription plans, go to and sign in with the right email.
Check the Member section if that email has ‘Product access’
Check 'My Products on the left, then choose 'View Included Apps.
At the bottom right of the SketchUp Pro product, you will find the ‘Manage devices’ button.
This will trigger the systems to be needing a new sign in inside the products (SketchUp or LayOut)
So log out and then back in.

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Thanks for the tip. I hope you can see the pic.
We have several subscriptions licenses in the company. I have one myself I use in two computers (1 x pc at work and 1 x pc home). First time I see this issue when launching the program.

I do not see the “Manage devices” button anywhere in my screen.


EDIT-----silly me it, the button was just right there under each product. Thanks again

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He man, you know me!

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