Help migrating software

I bought a new computer and returned the old one to the store. I didn’t uninstall my Sketchup from there, I tried installing the software on my new computer and I get a dialog box saying sign in ( I did), then manage Activations, and I don’t know what to do next.


first tell us what type of licence you have. is it a classic licence (perpetual) or subscription ?

A yearly subscription…

You might then want to try this Sketchup Pro Annual Subscription-Desktop Log-in Issue - #2 by colin
You need to sign in at some point to Access your subscription management

I logged into it via my other computer,
I use a Mac and a PC so
I still have the Mac
I traded in the PC…
On the new PC I wish to install the sketchup…

My specific question now is this,
I found that I can deactivate all current programs.
If I do,
I should be able to activate the PC version,

But then for the Mac, what will I need to do?
Delete the software and reinstall it?
Or will it permanently not allow me to access sketchup from my Mac?

Sorry for the long question,
But thanks for the help,
I was so disappointed that there wasn’t an easier way to reach customer service…

go to and sign in with the right email.
Check the Member section if that email has ‘Product access’
Check 'My Products on the left, then choose 'View Included Apps.
At the bottom right of the SketchUp Pro product, you will find the ‘Manage devices’ button.
This will trigger the systems to be needing a new sign in inside the products (SketchUp or LayOut)
(Quoted @MikeWayzovski )

When you deauthorize all devices it will free up a sign in on the new PC, and any existing machines signed in will see a message about not being authorized. To get the Mac to successfully sign in you only have to close and then open SketchUp again, after having done the deauthorize all. The new PC will have taken one of your sign-ins, and the Mac will take a second of your sign-ins.

thanks so much!,

very helpful and done!:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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