How to remove a license from a crashed computer


Since the 2015 release, SketchUp allows a license for two computers, indifferently mac and pc. Provided use only one of the two positions at once.
It is with pleasure that I used that opportunity to move from my Mac to my PC and vice versa.
Problem: My MacBP died suddenly. Grilled motherboard. I just buy a new one, but Sketchup considers that a license is still alive on the old one and I can not remove it. I have only a single computer on which I can use Sketchup.
How to remove a license from a dead machine? I have not found an answer to this question before. If you have a solution I’m interested.

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Hello lesforges,

Please contact support here. Do you have a SketchUp Pro license with an active support plan?

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Hello Gildas,

Please contact support with the serial number and we will be able to help you with this.


Thank you for your quick help.

I am having the same issue…my computer (PC) died, and I cannot access Sketchup to remove the license from that machine. I paid for a License and I need to use it both at work and at home at separate times. What can I do??

Contact Customer Support or your local reseller if you are not in the US so they can help you with it.

They will not let me email them since my support has expired.

That would be a problem. Unfortunately you need someone in Customer Support to free up the license on their servers. There’s nothing that we can do on the forum or that you can do from your computer to do that unless you can get the crashed computer to restart so you can remove the license from it.

Hard drive is gone - new drive in there for my son. If I load sketchup on there, will it let me activate and remove? Or is the license tied to the hard drive?

Give it a try. You haven’t got anything to lose. Was it only the hard drive that was replaced?


I find it strange that I cannot contact them for any reason without maintenance support considering I purchased their product.

I guess that’s the deal, though. Access to Customer Support is included with current Maintenance and Support.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile is not completed correctly.

Probably he is using 2015 or newer. Older ones didn’t use Trimble’s servers to activate, and you could install it on any number of computers but use it on only one at a time.

Licenses bind themselves to your network adapter, not your hard drive, so reactivation might work. I am not sure but after maintenance has expired, I understand that it is no longer possible to move the license to a new computer.

I’m using 2017 currently, but have used the license for 2016 previously.

i have a quite similar problem here and just can’t fix the issue!
today a computer with an installed su2018 crashed. it is one of two seat-licenses. i tried to put this license on another computer, but I’m without a current customer support.
Can anybody give advise?
Thanks a lot!