How to remove a license from a crashed computer



Since the 2015 release, SketchUp allows a license for two computers, indifferently mac and pc. Provided use only one of the two positions at once.
It is with pleasure that I used that opportunity to move from my Mac to my PC and vice versa.
Problem: My MacBP died suddenly. Grilled motherboard. I just buy a new one, but Sketchup considers that a license is still alive on the old one and I can not remove it. I have only a single computer on which I can use Sketchup.
How to remove a license from a dead machine? I have not found an answer to this question before. If you have a solution I’m interested.

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Hello lesforges,

Please contact support here. Do you have a SketchUp Pro license with an active support plan?

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Hello Gildas,

Please contact support with the serial number and we will be able to help you with this.



Thank you for your quick help.