Macbook with Sketchup Pro died and I need to install on the new macbook

I had a MacBook with Sketchup Pro. the Macbook hard drive died and I needed to buy a new Macbook. How can I run my purchased Sketchup Pro on the new macbook if I can’t unistall it on a dead Macbook? Instructions to transfer from 1 computer to another always say to first uninstall on the old computer first. Clearly I can not do that. I can’t imagine this scenario has not occurred many times.

You can install SketchUp with the same license on up to two machines so you should be able to download SketchUp 2018, install it on the new machine, and add the license.

I’m sure it does happen once in awhile that a computer dies and can’t be brought back to life enough to remove the license. You could try contacting Customer Support through the usual channel and ask them to free up that license. They won’t be back to work until Monday so you’ll have to be patient on that end.

Thank you! DaveR!