Transfer SketchUp to a new macbook -> message used on too many computers

I have a 2018 license on my macbook. Due to technical problems I had to place the flash card in to a new macbook and use SketchUp on the new one. I also haves sketchup running on a iMac. But now I tried to start SketchUp on this new macbook I get the message Sketchup is used on too many computers. It is running on my iMac and normally on my macbook. That’s 2 computers. Why can’t I get it running on a second one. It also used to run om my old iMac and on my old (broken) macbook. I tried add license, I tried remove license and I tried to remove SketchUp en reinstall it. None of it works. I use this program for my job so I really would like to get it in working order again. Thanks in advance.

A SketchUp license allows you to install and license the application to two computers at a time, and to use it on one computer at a time. To install it on your new macbook you must remove the license from one of the two computers you already have it installed on.

What counts is how many computers have registered to use your license. The license is tied to the computer, not to the drive. So moving the drive to another machine does not transfer the registration. If the old computer is defunct, you will have to contact customer support to get them to release one of your registrations before you can license another.

Another thing to consider:
Is your 2018 license the active one?
Suppose you (or your office) got the license info for the upgrade of 2019. Once you install that version and enter that license info, version 2019 will become active and your 2018 will loose the ability to transfer between computers.

If you got your license from IT department, you might not know if this happened (if you get a mail with license info, it is tempting to try…)

Maybe, you can use version 2019.

It is on the same flash drive so the license for macbook is automatically not in use anymore but I haven’t removed the license before transferring it onto an new macbook. I think that’s the problem indeed.

OK, thanks I’ll try this. It looks like the solution to me.

it is still a 2018 version.

What you’re getting is the same as you gave after a Time Machine restore to a new computer.

The solution is to open SketchUp on the new computer, use Remove License from the license part of the welcome screen, then add license again. That should free up the activation, and when you add the license again it will use the new machine’s MAC address for the license.

I can not remove the license. Ik can only add one. Than I get the message.
This Sketchup Pro license has been used on too many computers’

I can not remove it. I can only add one.

I can fix things. I will send you your 2018 and 2019 licenses.

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Yes, thanks a lot! I managed to login with my license again!

Sounds promising… :smiley:

And he fixed it! Thanks a lot!