New computer, add license, keep old version

new computer, want to add current license to new computer while maintaining existing copy on laptop for client review in the field… can I do this without buying another so-called ‘seat’ license, it’s just me!

From here:

If you have a single-user license, you can authorize your license on up to two computers running either Windows or Mac OS X. If you already authorized your license on two computers, you can remove a license on a computer in order to use the license on a different computer.


Yes but it is a single seat license. You can only use SketchUp on one of the installs at a time. The license management is cloud-based (since v2015,) so do not leave SketchUp running on the desktop machine at your office, when you go out in the field, because then you will not be able to start SketchUp on the notebook. (Ie, you’ll get a “this license is already in use on another computer” type message.)

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