Sketchup 2017 Pro 2x users laptop and desktop



My company has recently purchased SketchUp Pro 2017. With the purchase, I believe that there is two users available to use, a desktop version and a laptop version. The desktop version has already been installed on the main desktop computer, but my question is can the laptop version be moved around laptop users, by installing and uninstalling on one laptop and installing on another as it is required by users? Or is it fixed to one laptop once it has been installed?


You should contact SketchUp customer support on this topic. You should also read the license agreement throroughly.

The intent of the single seat license is that one user can install SketchUp on two computers. SketchUp can be moved from one computer to another but you must remove the license from one before installing it on another. This will at least be unproductive time.There may be issues if you are frequently switching between computers.

If you want multiple users to use SketchUp, you should buy the appropriate license.


Thank you! That’s what I thought would be the answer.


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