Installing Single User Licence on 3 or 4 computers - but use one at a time by removing license & reactivating

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Since I do not find any sub forum on licensing etc., I am posting it here. I have just purchased one SketchUP Pro 2018 license for use on my own Home Computer. (I know that an extended license activation could be done for a single user license for use away from the office or for use at home - provided that only one computer is used for SketchUP at any point of time - I had already got this clarified by writing to Trimble SketchUP Sales team directly last year for my own office’s licenses). Before directly writing mails to SketchUP sales/licensing team directly, I normally post it in the forum, Only when i do not get a correct reply (sometimes from the moderator itself), I write to SketchUP team directly.

Here is my question:
Apart from my office licenses, I bought one exclusively for my use at Home Desktop since I assigned my own office desktop pc to my senior staff and I do not have a SketchUP running system for myself in the office. And I started working from home whenever I wished to do serious design work (I am an architect & Interior architect) so, bought a new pro license. I can have an extended activation on my personal laptop too - for use away from home. in this case. But can I also have this same serial number copy installed on another laptop - again my own laptop, and if I wanted to use SketchUP on this 2nd laptop, can I just remove license on my first laptop and activate it on the 2nd one. And at any time later, remove the license on the 2nd one and activate it on the first one - and do this any number of times. Is this allowed. Once again I reiterate that at any point of time, only one computer with SketchUP will be used. Even though it is installed on 3 systems and remain activated on any combination of 2 systems at any point of time. The home PC & the 2 laptops - all are used by own self only. My staff will not use any of these.

Thanking you for your patience in reading this complicated post and a long one too.

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It sounds like you should look into floating licenses.

min. 10 seats for roughly double the price/seat…

In plain English, the SketchUp License says NO

2.4. Software Intended to be Installed on Computers

You may copy and install on your computers for use only by your employees the number of copies of the Software for which you have paid the applicable license fee. You may transfer the Software from one computer to another computer provided that the Software is completely removed and de-installed from the prior computer. You may also make a reasonable number of copies of the Software for back-up and archival purposes.

Thank you for your replies. No. I don’t want to pay for floating license. But a single user license could be authorized on 2 computers for the same users. Please see the attached image file - a screen shot of the reply I received from Licensing / Authorization SketchUP Pro team.from Trimble.May be it is not for more than 2 computers. But one user could authorize on 2 computers provided both are not used concurrently. In that case, well I ditch it for my 2nd laptop.

Please also see this link:

Please see the last but one line saying " more than one computer at the same time" - please note “at the same time”
So when only one is in use at any given point of time, the authorization could be on 2 computers for one & the very same user.

Again, let me please say this: I posted this query here in this forum to make sure that I do not make a mistake by misusing a single user license even unintentionally
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I think the license agreement would be the thing you should follow and it seems pretty clearly worded.

Hello Dave,

Thanks for your reply.

Well, may be I have to contact the SketchUP Licensing team once more. Right now each license is running on one computer only.

The reason I would like to have on a laptop too is that I am visiting “Prof.Design Chair” at the School of Architecture in my city. My role is to guide/advise/teach design to students as well as to junior faculty, and on conductance of design studios, etc. I am trying to make the students to incorporate 3D as part & parcel of design process (which i find is not happening here since they are doing 3d after finishing their designs just for presentation). IMHO, I find SketchUP to be the easiest to learn fast, and I would like to teach SketchUP to 2nd year students “Live”. not just with PowerPoint presentation lectures alone. (even though it is not part of my duty to teach software, since there are no SketchUP teachers here, I am playing that part on my own will) And why I thought of one more 2nd laptop was that some studios have age old projectors and only my 2nd laptop connects to it without effort. Can’t use my first laptop which has HDMI output only even with a HDMI>VGA converter cable. These projectors simply project distorted images - stretched circles etc. etc. with whatever adjustments available with their limited menu. ( It may look funny to see that I am maintaining 2 personal laptops just for this School of Architecture ! Well, I don’t seem to have options !).

And if I have to take what you say is correct, then I have no choice but to continue with PowerPoint presentations and tutorial videos from SketchUP YouTube channels, downloaded and shown to them along with my oral lectures. So let me take it now, that what you say is correct, and let me not install & authorize my personal license on my laptop as “extended activation”. (Autodesk does allow this for all their software - it is in the EULA itself - extended activation for home use or for off office use by one and the same user).

Well, I just shared my thoughts here Mr.Dave. If someone thought this reply as weird or not belonging to this thread or in this forum, please excuse me.

Best regards

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