Sketchup licenses removed, but not available

I bought a 2018 sketchup pro license, and it came with 2 users. I have it on one computer, and wanted to install in another, but it says I’ve already used both licenses. So I removed one of the licenses, and tried to install it in another laptop, but same issue, says “oops, sketchup pro has been used on too many computers”. I tried to reinstall the license on the original computer, but same error. So now both my computers don’t have any licenses.

Was the computer connected to the Internet when you removed the license?

both computers are hooked on the internet

Just to clarify, a single seat cannot be used by two people (there is no 2-user license). A single user seat can be installed on two computers and used individually.

Each time the seat is installed, it is recorded. If you are getting the message that it has already been used, you need to go to the other computers that it has been installed on and deauthorize it.

If you need help, contacting tech support will help you with those extra installations.

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OK so single user is fine, but I already deactivated the other license.

Try shutting the computer down and restarting it. If that doesn’t work, do as Aaron suggested and contact Tech Support for assistance.

I’ve tried, no luck. And my support ended a couple months ago.

Well, you can still try contacting Tech Support.

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To add, you can only remove an activation of the license via the red button ‘Remove License’ in the Welcome screen or [menu] Help->License.

Removing the installation ( Windows or with the installer) doesn’t.

It is easy to check, after removing the license with the red button, stop SketchUp and start again.
If you see an ‘Expired trial’ or simular ( version 2019 will prompt you to sign in or asks to add a classic license) it is removed correctly.

If you have removed the SketchUp installation without remembering if you did remove the license, just install that version again (by rightclicking on the downloaded installer file and choose ‘run as Administrator) add the license if prompted and then remove it.

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