SKUP Pro 2018 licensing issue: too many computers

I have an issue with my Sketchup Pro 2018 licensing.
At first the program was installed in a laptop I no longer have with me and I personally unistalled it before giving it away to a relative.
Now I have also uninstalled it from my current laptop, but I was trying to install Sketchup Pro 2018 in a new one and it says the program is being used in too many computers.
Looks like you have to do some sort of license deactivation in the menu before removing Sketchup from the computer?
Please let me know,

Yes. You need to remove the license before uninstalling SketchUp. Reinstall it on your current laptop, remove the license via the Help menu, and then uninstall it again. As for freeing up the instance from the computer you no longer have you would need to contact your reseller or SketchUp Customer Support for that.