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Hi, my work is looking to purchase Sketchup Pro. Will the license will be assigned to a specific computer, or if it is a floating license that we can access from multiple computers, with one user at a time?

You should contact SketchUp sales directly. The normal individual license is registered to a specific computer and can’t be moved to a different one without first unregistering it (note: you can use the same license on two computers if it is for a single person and the computers will not be in use at the same time). There are corporate licenses available, but you will need to get that from Sales, not the normal download site.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, so take this info with a grain of salt - actually, with quite a few grains!

The single license Sketchup Pro allows installation on two computers, but not simultaneous use.

If you need a floating license, or to use Pro on multiple computers simultaneously, you need a Network license.

Contact Trimble Sales or a reseller for more information.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the answers.

We ended up purchasing a single user license. I’m still waiting for Trimble to send the license, so for now, we are dead in the water. It’s frustrating.

you can alread download, install and use SUP 2018 w/o limitations and activate when the license data reaches you… at least if you did have not already done that and lapsed the 30 days trial period.

Unfortunately I had already used up the trial. I just got the license number so we are all good now.

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