Licensing Pro on two computers


Considering a Pro license and would like to know from people that have single user licenses exactly how the licensing works on multiple computers. My scenario - I use a small laptop for daily work, and while it will not be my main computer for SketchUp, I use it often. My other computer is a desktop PC which will function as the main workstation. What is the process that needs to be performed when I would say, go from working on the laptop to working on the desktop in a short period of time. I guess I’m looking to quantify the convenience of alternating from one to the other.


See these Help articles:

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Yes, I’ve read all that. From these again, my assumption will then be that I do not need to do anything (other than transfer my .skp file) when I want to switch from one of my computers to the other.



You can install and license SU on both machines.
The single user license limitation is only one the two computers can run SketchUp Pro at a particular time.


Hi, I mainly use my office PC and home PC in the weekends. The problem I am having is that when I go to meet a client and bring my laptop, this will be my third installation. I can only use one at a time so how can I work around this?


You probably don’t need the Pro features during client meetings. Maybe just download SketchUp Make on your laptop.


Is Sketchup Make 2017 a free version


Yes. If you are just showing your clients the models and not doing significant work while at meetings SU Make should suit your needs.


the Make version is free for non-commercial use only, showing clients your work during business meetings is obviously not covered by this usage case.

use the free SU Viewer for this purpose instead.


@sketch3d_de I forgot about the “non-commercial use” for SU Make.