Transfering SketchUp license to new computer?

I am getting a new computer and wonder if there is a link that guides you through the process of transferring a SketchUp license to another computer.

Hello @sproutsradio,

A SketchUp Pro individual license permits its use on 2 systems at the same time. You cannot have both computers actively running SketchUp from the same license at the same time however. This anticipates that if you are using SketchUp on one machine, the other is either turned off or is not running SU at the time. This is set to allow users to operate at home and, say, at work using a single license.

If you need to install SU on a third computer, you must first remove the license from one of the other systems and then you can perform the install and authorize the existing license. I am unaware of any link to guide users through the transfer process, but the most simple way to effect a transfer is to refer to the authorization email that was received when the license was purchased and to use the supplied authorization code…or if purchased through a reseller, just contact them.

There is a help article on the subject Here

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Excellent, thank you.

Great, much appreciated.

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