Hard drive swap dissolved license

My desktop workstation was recently upgraded, with the hard drive being swapped into a newer iMac. SketchUp Pro 2018 did not recognize the new CPU, so I removed the license and re-registered SketchUp…

Even more recently, I was given a laptop, a MacBook Air, to work out of the office. I migrated my data and apps over via Apple’s Migration Assistant from the newer iMac and everything seemed to function properly (for a few days). When I first opened SketchUp, it requested a license and I entered my info, but a short while later I received an email from SketchUp stating that I exceeded the number of computers I was allowed to register SketchUp on (2).

So, SketchUp is only installed on 2 computers, but one of the computers (the older iMac) ate a seat from my license and I have no way to un-register the machine because it would require re-installing the hard drive into my original, now defunct iMac.

How can I reset the licenses so that I can run SketchUp on the two machines I currently use (newer iMac & MacBook Air)?

The email you got from SketchUp to say you had exceeded your license availability also had link to contact them and request a reset of your licenses.

It’s a problem if your computer crashes out hard and hence you can’t even turn it on to remove the SketchUp license. But in other cases, you need to remove the license as part of the process of decommissioning a computer where you will no longer run SketchUp. Lesson learned: afterward it is too late.

You should contact SketchUp customer support. They should be able to remove a license from their activation database.

In addition, an activation of a SketchUp license is ‘hooked’ to the Mac-address of a computer (specifically the ethernet-adapter which is attached to the motherboard)
So before swapping the harddisc for use in another machine, you must remove the license, actively:

  • In SketchUp, got to Help->License (or Help_>Welcome screen for Mac)
  • Click the red ‘Remove License’ button in the license tab.

you can easily check if it was removed:

  • Close SketchUp and LayOut (All instances running! Mac: SketchUp->Quit)
  • Start SketchUp

If you are prompted to add a license, you have removed it correctly, if not, try again and make sure you have a working internet-connection (with ports 80, 8080 and 443 open)

So, I emailed SketchUp support before posting here, and they got back to me within 12 hours. They reset my activations, so all I had to do is re-register the two machines I currently use.

Excellent support from the SketchUp team.

Thanks for all the help, forum-buddies!