How can I 'refresh' my license's install limit?

I have a serial number for a license about 2 years ago and installed it on my computer at the time.

I have installed the license on a 2 computers, which i no longer have access to. Before i lost access to the computers i didnt remove the license from them.

Is it possible to reset my license so i can install it on new machine s?

Currently when i try to put my license in it says “Oops , This SketchUp Pro license has been used on too many computers”

Contact SketchUp Customer Support to have them take care of it.

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Thanks do you know where / how i can contact them, ive tried all over the sketchup site, but couldnt find a contact email / form

Did you click on Contact Us at the bottom of the front page? It will take you to this page:

I’m having a similar issue. Did you have any luck with the ‘refresh’? Customer support is a non-existent black hole for us people who purchase “lifetime” licenses a few years ago when they were starting out.

The license is provided with a one-year Maintenance and Support plan:
Support for installation and licensing issues, upgrades to released versions in that year.
You can choose to prolong that M&S, or not.

Either way, you need to understand the workings of activating and removing the license.

Upon activating a license, SketchUp contacts a server of Trimble, and alters a database that keeps track of which license is attached to what computer, specifically the Ethernet adapter, which is solded on the motherboard, in General.

Removing the software doesn’t remove the license, this can only be done with the red ‘Remove license’ button in the Welcome screen.
Then, the database get’s altered and the number of activations (tied machines) will decrease.

If you have removed the software and forgot to remove the license, first. Just reinstall the software (same version)
If you have lost the machine itself, you might pick up the expired M&S plan, again (with a fee)

I first checked out SketchUp during version 3 and 4 days. Back then there were 8 hours of trial time, and if you only dabbled with it now and then you could make that last months. I reached a point where I wanted to buy the program (there was no free option then) during the version 5 days.

I tried to track down the pre-Google website, to see what the license was like then, but couldn’t find it. I know from having bought version 5 (around $500 I think), and upgraded to v6 and v7 for $102 each, that in those days the SketchUp income was based around people buying upgrades. At some point that was changed to the current scheme where the price is made up from $575 for the program and $120 per year to keep up to date and to be able to contact support. The $695 price means that when you buy a Classic license you’ve already paid for the first 12 months of updates and support.

All of those licenses are lifetime ones, in the sense that the version you bought will continue to work even if you stopped paying SketchUp for anything. When I paid $102 in 2008 and 2010 I was effectively upgrading which version I had. lifetime license for. These days you would have paid the $120 per year, or reinstated your support if you had let it lapse for a while, but essentially the cost is about the same.

I am curious to know if in the version 1 days that the software was due to be free for evermore after your first purchase. That is, all updates and continued support for the rest of your life. I doubt that it was like that though.

Slightly abstract question, but does the word mohawk appear anywhere in your license?