Can't reactivate license on new computer

So I got a new computer and I wanted to transfer my license to the new one. I went ahead and deactivated the license from the old one and even uninstalled SketchUp after just because. Now that I am on my new computer I am trying to active the license and it says the license has been used in too many computers. What does this exactly mean? The license has originally been installed on two computers only. Btw, I am referring to Pro 2015.

Thanks for the help.

Were you online when you removed the license on the old computer?

Is version 2015 your active version?

That is, you did not receive and activated an upgrade?

In order to remove a license (Through Help->License) you need to have a working internet connexion with acces to ports 80, 8080 and 443.
Sometimes a firewall gets in the way.

You can check if the removal worked by closing SketchUp and then starting it up, again.

If removed: :white_check_mark:
If not: somethings wrong (internet, timeout server etc)

Try again within a few minutes

If all fails: contact support

Hey Mike, yeah my active version is 2015 I never received an upgrade and if I did, I did not do the upgrade. I was online when I removed the license and verified it after and before uninstalling sketch up. Ill try again in a few days and if it does not work then Ill contact support.

Thanks for the help

@paulp17 This is definitely something we can help you with in support. Please contact us through this form: for assistance with your activations, and we can also let you know if you did receive an upgraded license as well. Please provide your SketchUp Pro license serial number so we can find you lickety-splilt.

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you may also want to check what’s up with the SketchUp License Manager online.

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What if your outsourced IT department forgot to remove a license on an old computer? My coworker needs to install SketchUp 2019 Pro on his new computer but the old one is gone. (Hard drive was destroyed). When we try to install, it says that it is blocked by a group policy. Since Dan doesn’t have a second computer, we figured he would still have another seat left to install on his new computer. But it won’t. Can you help us with this please?

The group policy thing doesn’t sound like a SketchUp error, but you could use the contact link that Lisanne gave, and we can look up your license to see if things seem ok at our end.

@colin I did just that. Trimble bounced it back to our IT group. They even sent me an article with some ways to fix it. The first two didn’t work, the last one I’ll leave to the IT group since it talks about registry items. I don’t want to mess anything else up…lol. But thanks for replying.