This SketchUp Pro license has been used on too many computers

This SketchUp Pro license has been used on too many computers but we removed the license on the machines where it was being used and we are still getting the error. We were successful in performing the license transfer on another subscription but not this one. Can anyone help?

That message is from the classic license, I believe.
Did you convert those into a subscription?
If so, how many seats or licenses did you convert?
They all need to be assigned in the AMP of the accountowner (or company admin)
If classic, how did you remove them? Uninstalling won’t free up the activation.

No it’s not been converted, it’s always stayed as a classic license

This part is confusing, then.
Are you talking about upgrading to a newer version, perhaps?
As said, deinstalling won’t free up an activation.
How many machines where activated per license?

No we are transferring the license.
On the old computer we removed the license. Before removing we we asked “are you sure you want to remove the license” we click Remove License 2nd time and then it reverts back into login window where you can choose the subscription tab or classic license tab.
We go to the new computer open up Sketchup and go to classic license tab and try to enter the license with the authorization code that was emailed to us and we get that error.

But, how many machines where activated?
Here’s the deal:
You are allowed to activate on two machines by EULA.
There is one spare activation for when ‘some hunchback swallowes your computer’ (crash)

When the pandemic showed up, Trimble raised the max number of activations temporarily, so one could work from home.
This xtra activation is now retracted.

So, how many machines are activated?

Only one, each license was activated on a computer 4+ years ago. Today they are getting new computers.

4+ years? That would be version 2016, I believe?
Are you sure no one else had access to the license info during that period?
Is it version 2016 that is installed?

Every year we upgrade the license. the authorization code changes but serial number stays the same except for first two letters

2016 RA-same serial
2017 SA-same serial
2018 TA-same serial
2019 UA-same serial
2020 VA-same serial
2021 WA-same serial

It’s 2021 that is currently installed on the computers that we are trying to transfer