I got "This Sketchup pro license has been on too many computers" sign and I asked to trimble 3 times but no answer

recently I reinstalled sketchup pro 2019 on my new mac

and I got “This Sketchup pro license has been on too many computers” sign.

I asked about his problem through contact us menu on website 3 times

But No answers…

Is there any solution to solve this problem?

Did you remove the license from your old computer?

No… I just formatted

So you need someone at Sketchup to release the license.
@colin may be able to help you.

Thank you!! I really appreciate it!!

I don’t work in support now, and don’t have the same access I used to have to the support system. So, email support from this page:


If you’re signed in with the email you use in the forum the contact page should know that you have a classic license, and the Message Us option should work. If it doesn’t work, even when you put in your serial number, send in a message to customer service on this page:


Explain about how you didn’t remove the license before formatting the old computer. You don’t have support with SketchUp, but hopefully they will still try to fix the problem.

One thing you can say is that I looked at your license, and there is something strange, in that it has 4 activations, and two of them don’t seem to be you.


By Eula, you get to activate on two machines. And have one ‘reserve’ activation (2+1) for accidents.

There was a limited time during some pandemic when the number was raised (3+1=4)

Now, things are back to normal(!)
Formatting doesn’t change the MacAddress, where the license is normally tied (along with the Username)

So reinstalling SketchUp on the formatted Mac and then adding the license should work. Then, removing it should free up one activation.
But, you would still need to remove from another device to encount for the Covid activation

It could be the extra Covid related seat that explains why there are 4 activations with a 3 maximum. I didn’t know that the system was going to take an activation away. The two earliest activations on the license are clearly not by rkrhxm, and the later two are certainly him. We have to hope that support see that something is odd, and that we’re the only ones who can do something to help.

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if maintenance has lapsed, support is normally not very keen in reactivating additional slots… if already activated 4 times… from different users, hope dies last.