Classic licence - Missing in action

Hi, Sorry to raise an old issue but I’m an old and very occasional Sketchup user. I have been using my Classic license 2019 once or twice a year to help with building projects. Both of my 10+ year old MacBooks have recently been fixed and I’m getting the “used on to many computers” error. I simply didn’t know about removing licenses so didn’t.
Please tell me there is somthing I can do? A subscription would push me means and I use Sketchup so little.
I’ve been in touch with my re-seller in the UK and they have apologised and have requested a waiver from trimble but don’t sound hopfull.
Yours hopefully,

@MarkArbon, don’t include private information such as your Serial Number ---------- Authorisation Code ----------- in your posts on the forum. Please remove!


Perhaps a moderator such as @colin could find this topic sooner than the original poster @MarkArbon and edit the post to remove the license details?

Edited to thank @MikeWayzovski for the flagging suggestion, which I’ve done.

Best is to flag the post, edited posts can still be seen for at least a day after changing.

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Removed the sensitive info. Hopefully no one unscrupulous took that info down when it was public!

Going back to your original question, that license is activated on three machines. One is yours, another is for ‘laure’, and a third for ‘macbookpro’. If you have access to any of those three machines, and you’re not using SketchUp currently, you could open SketchUp long enough to remove the license.

The license should also work even on a repaired machine, unless the motherboard was changed. If that is the case for at least two of your three computers, that is then a slight problem.

Best option is to use the general customer service contact form and explain the situation. Hopefully they will help. Use this form:

it’ still public clicking the editor tool (pen).

I hid that version.

I’ve put it on the dark web, hit me up if you need the link.

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Hi Colin,
Thanks for looking at this and a massive apology for posting the licence info, I was just trying to indicate that I was genuine. My second computer did have the motherboard replaced. I have no idea what the “laure” activated machine is. Does the lost licence and the mysterious “laure” machine mean I have lost my licence completely?
I will use the form you recommended. Fingers crossed.
Thanks again.

The hope is that support may be able to do something to free up an activation for you.

Hi Colin,
I just had a brainwave. I borrowed a computer 2 or 3 years ago for a presentation. I just rang to ask if he still has the computer and if its called “laure”. It is and he (Loz, I discover is short for Laurence) has removed the licence.
Thank goodness.

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