Changing program to a new computer

Hi there,
I recently (well sort of recently) changed computers. I was running my SketchUp 2018 pro through a trial version on the new computer but never converted my license. Now I can’t find my license information to activate and my trial version has expired. How do I get the information I need to activate SketchUp on my new computer?


Try looking it up here:

Or go back through your old e-mails and look for the license info.

I went to the page Dave gave, and had your 2018 license sent to you.

Thank you for doing that.
I think that part of the problem is that SketchUp is still loaded on my old laptop.
I will be sure that it has been properly deleted when I get home tonight and try to get it up and running on my new office computer.
Winter slow-down is coming and this is the time that I am able to improve my SketchUp skills. Rendering and elevations (grading) is gong to be my focus this winter.
I use SketchUp to transform my AutoCAD landscape designs into 3-D renderings that my clients can relate to.
Such a great tool!

Thanks again

You had a spare activation, it should work ok on the other computer.