Old computer dead, how to transfer license to new computer?

Hi everyone, am trying to problem solve.
Our old desktop finally died.
I downloaded sketchup pro on a brand new Alienware laptop, signed in and need to know how to activate it. It says I’m using Sketchup pro on too many machines and I need to sign-out from another machine.

RIP old desktop, but how do I activate a license without it?

If it was one of your classic licenses, you would need to contact support to solve the problem. But, I think it’s your subscription. If you see a too many activations message, click on the manage subscriptions button, and you should be taken here:


On that page choose My Products, SketchUp Pro, and then click on View Included Applications.

In the SketchUp Pro box that appears, click on Manage Devices. You can then deauthorize all devices, including the dead computer. After that, close SketchUp and reopen it on the machine you want to use, and the sign in should then work.

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This was great! Thanks so much!