Trying to transfer Pro 2019 license to new computer, lost my activation code

Hi all, I recently upgraded to a desktop but need to transfer my Sketchup Pro 2019 license to it from my laptop. My email has changed hosts since the original purchase, so my purchase confirmation message is gone, but I am trying to find the activation code. Since support has ended, I can’t use the License Manager to find it.

I do have the license from the previous laptop. I just didn’t want to remove it until I was sure I could get it up and running on the new computer.

I haven’t had much luck finding solutions anywhere, but noticed a few instances of folks getting help here. Thought it was worth a shot. Thanks.

what do you mean by “email has changed hosts” ? if the message has just been deleted but you can still receive emails to that mailbox :
go to License Manager | SketchUp
enter your serial and associated email. You’ll then be able to send once more the authorization code to this email, even if your support has ended,

I mean that I lost all my old emails, so I don’t have the original authorization code.

I tried that method, but it just refreshes the screen, no action seems to take place. From what I read, I understood that was part of the support system for old versions that is no longer being offered.

that is weird, I used it last november and it worked just fine.
Now it just refreshes the page just like you. Maybe try again later as it may be a server issue

Oh I wondered why it was still up, hopefully that’s the case! Thanks.

@colin it looks like you’re the man to ask about these issues. Would you be able to offer any assistance on this one?

Your 2019 license looks like it’s ok. If you remove the license from the old computer and add it to the new computer, it ought to work.

I will send a message with your activation code.

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Thanks so much, @colin !


Am picking up on this older thread as I have a very similar question: Have a new computer and want to move my Pro 2019 license to the new machine, but want to be very careful to not end up with two non functioning Sketchup installs.

I tried to lookup my current license activation on the site and it indicated it was instantly and automatically upgraded which is something I did not want to do. I did not see I was given a choice in the matter.

I subsequently found the original 2019 email with license number and activation code. From your above post, it appears I only need to move the license from my old machine, and add it to the new, but am concerned the “auto upgrade” mentioned above will cause an issue. Please comment on the proper path forward here.

I only see 2019 being used on one of your Macs. If you don’t intend to use SketchUp on the old Mac again, open SketchUp one last time, and remove the license.

You can’t copy the license to a new machine and get it to work. Each license is tied to the hardware of the individual computer it was added on. Same thing if you used a Time Machine backup as the starting point for the new machine, the license wouldn’t work.

If you can’t remove the license from the old machine you would have one install wasted, but you have spares, so adding a 2019 license to the new machine will work ok.

While you are under support, which you were until the end of November 2020, you’re entitled to upgrade to new versions of SketchUp. But, if you choose not to update to the next one, and we release yet another one, you can only go to the later one. The middle one that you chose not to take isn’t available for you.

That’s your situation. You didn’t take the 2020 license when it was active, and so now if you wanted to you could go straight to the 2021 license that you have.

Unless you have a particular reason to stay on 2019, I would get 2019 going on any machine you want it to be on, and activate the license, then consider installing 2021 and adding its license. After you have activated the 2021 license on any machine, you would not then be able to activate 2019 on yet another new machine, but you would still be able to add the 2021 license to future machines.

I will send a private message to you with your 2019 and 2021 licenses.

I have a similar problem so posting here. My PC gave out a couple months ago and I have finally rebuilt it, but, cannot get my Sketchup2018 license transferred. I do still have the HDD with Windows7 and licensed Sketchup2018 on it but could not boot it up on the new hardware. I gave up on that and moved my user files over to my new SSD thinking the system might allow the license if copied. I was able to find a license file and tried putting it in but that doesn’t work. If serial numbers of hardware can help this build has my same video card (Nvidia GTX550Ti) and although my system is on a new SSD I do have the HDD with Sketchup installed. The HDD will be re-tasked to backups when I finish this license issue. Any way you can help me re-activate my license on this new build?

You do have a spare activation on your license. The license is tied to the MAC address, and changing the motherboard and/or the network adapter, could make it seem like a new computer. If those are still the same, adding the license again shouldn’t use up another activation. But as I said, you have spare activations anyway.

I went ahead and adjusted your license, you can add the license again and it won’t take up a new activation.

Now Sketchup says…

Bummer, It looks like you’re offline. You must be online to add or remove SketchUp licenses. Please try again next time you are online. but, I am online. I uninstalled/reinstalled Sketchup to see if that might help and it did not. It also shows the Sketchup Pro 2018 trial has expired so I can’t get into Sketchup.

Is there a fix for this online issue?
Thank you,

See this topic:

Short version is that you need to edit this file:

C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\Resources\en-US\i18n.dat

Look for the line that currently says ONLINE_TEST_URL=Google and change it to say this:


Save that change and then reopen SketchUp.

Hey together,
I stumbled upon this thread while figuring out how to use my old Pro 2019 license again.
I haven’t used Sketchup a while but wanted to some modeling now and try to reactivate my license.
Unfortunately, Sketchup takes the information (Name, Serial number, Authorization Code etc.) in the advanced window, the wheel turns a second and nothing happens.

I am online and desperate on using Sketchup.
@colin : you seem to be right person to help right now, correct? :slight_smile:

I appreciate any pointer!

Screenshot 2023-07-19 154047

I can’t find any Classic licenses for you. You could click my avatar and send a message to me, with the serial number and the name/email address that the license should be assigned to.

Hey Colin,
thanks for your immediate response.
The license is associated to a former member of my team Thomas Jager Wardell
Company/organization: dSPACE GmbH
Serial number: UA-XXXXXXXXXXXX
Authorization Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maintenance and support number: 2704570
Maintenance and support expiration date: 2019/08/28 (YYYY/MM/DD)

I am still working for this company.
I can’t find the Message button on your profile. Do I have to be unlocked for this?


Hi Colin,
Sorry to bother you, but I found this thread and I am having a very similar issue to Holger. I am on a new PC due to a previous hard drive failure and am looking to reinstall SketchUp Pro 2019. I was not able to deactivate that install on the previous PC.

A few months later I am trying to install 2019 on my new machine, and received a new serial number and authorization number, but when I enter it after installing 2019 and entering the info in the Classic window, the wheel spins and nothing happens. I have tried the simple and advanced windows.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can you click on my avatar, and send me a message with the license details you have?

HI Colin - I don’t see the private message option for you