Trying to transfer Pro 2019 license to new computer, lost my activation code

Hi all, I recently upgraded to a desktop but need to transfer my Sketchup Pro 2019 license to it from my laptop. My email has changed hosts since the original purchase, so my purchase confirmation message is gone, but I am trying to find the activation code. Since support has ended, I can’t use the License Manager to find it.

I do have the license from the previous laptop. I just didn’t want to remove it until I was sure I could get it up and running on the new computer.

I haven’t had much luck finding solutions anywhere, but noticed a few instances of folks getting help here. Thought it was worth a shot. Thanks.

what do you mean by “email has changed hosts” ? if the message has just been deleted but you can still receive emails to that mailbox :
go to License Manager | SketchUp
enter your serial and associated email. You’ll then be able to send once more the authorization code to this email, even if your support has ended,

I mean that I lost all my old emails, so I don’t have the original authorization code.

I tried that method, but it just refreshes the screen, no action seems to take place. From what I read, I understood that was part of the support system for old versions that is no longer being offered.

that is weird, I used it last november and it worked just fine.
Now it just refreshes the page just like you. Maybe try again later as it may be a server issue

Oh I wondered why it was still up, hopefully that’s the case! Thanks.

@colin it looks like you’re the man to ask about these issues. Would you be able to offer any assistance on this one?

Your 2019 license looks like it’s ok. If you remove the license from the old computer and add it to the new computer, it ought to work.

I will send a message with your activation code.

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Thanks so much, @colin !