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After upgrading an office computer, we need to move SketchUp from the old computer to the new one. We have a single-user license for SketchUp Pro 2014. We deactivated the license from the old computer; the computer had a working internet connection with access to ports 80, 8080, and 443 during deactivation. Sketchup is no longer usable on that computer, so I’m assuming the deactivation worked. While attempting to move it to the new computer we were prompted to enter the authorization code. To find the authorization code I tried to use the licence manager. After inserting the serial number and correct email:

I was presented with the following screen:

I then clicked the “Email my authorization code” highlighted in red in the image. It has been three days with no email. I have tried to resend the email each day as well still with no email. The junk mail and various other inboxes within the email have already been checked thoroughly as well. There doesn’t seem to be an option to change emails. This email is not associated with a Trimble account either. Trying to login with this email gives the line “A user with the given email doesn’t exist. Please signup below.” Is there any way to get the email to actually send or is there another way to re-obtain my authorization code?


It is a bit of a catch22 situation, you’re not entitled for getting support since your M&S plan has expired.
Your license predates that system.
The change came with 2015, I think.
Maybe search in your email archives is quicker

Could you elaborate further on

Would this inhibit the use of SketchUp 2014 on a Windows 10 system? It is already installed and is in the evaluation period and seems to work fine, it merely lacks a license activation.


Do you mean to look for the original email sent in 2014 when the license was first purchased? That seems like an extremely extensive solution. Would there be any specific words or sentences we could search for that would lead us directly to the email? We tried to do a blanket search with just “SketchUp” and was flooded with recent emails of clients and coworkers mentioning the word SketchUp. There are thousands of these emails between now and 2014.

No, you have a perpetual license, all though not be supported, Windows 10 can handle that version, probably.
The catch is that serial numbers before 2015 are probably not in the database to be sent automatically, so you would have to contact support, which you have no access to because you do not have a Maintenance and Support plan…

Search for:
Your SketchUp License Information

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Worked perfectly. The first email that came up had all the information that was missing. It has all been recorded and put into a more accessible and permanent spot. Much thanks.

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John! You should know that it’s Trimble SketchUp Pro! Hasn’t been Google SketchUp Pro for 8 years.

(don’t worry, I know what you meant)

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