2 License issue on my sketchup pro subscription

  1. i have a new user in my company, we created email for him.
    when i try to add this user on trimble Account Manager, this user cannot receive any email from trimble.
    i also tried to create account manually, but i still cannot receive the verification code mail for next step.
    my new mail box cannot receive any external mail from your campany only.
    how can i assign license to him?

  2. i have a sketchup Pro subscription license on 1 user.
    she can login her account in 2021, 2023 version and without any problem.
    when she login sketchup pro version 2022, the software told her the license is Device limit reached, please sign out from another device
    she is using the same device, just install 3 version on it, 2021 2022 2023.
    i have tried to sign out 2021 2023version, also pressed Deauthorize All option.
    2022 version still cannot be licensed.

For the first question, see if anything I wrote here helps:

After signing out from 2021 and 2023, did she also sign out from 2022 and sign back in again?

yes, i already sign out 2022 and sign in again.
it is still not working