Authorization code issue

Good morning, everyone, and happy new year.
I am a 3d Modler, and first time writing in this forum.
I am trying to get an authorization code to activate my 2019 SketchUp on my other desktop (to which I woned not have a subscription ). It’s been three days going up and down the internet checking Trimble, SketchUp, and Google to find out why. In order to get any responses you have to have a subscription to Trimble or good luck!
I could get as far as on the Trimble website classic licensing by entering my serial number and email address but when I click, nothing or if any information doesn’t match, I should be getting an email with an authorization code!
I may know the problem but there is no one to contact for correction, I think It’s the email address!
I have been signed up with SketchUp before Google and then Trimble took over, Now when looking up my account on Trimble I have one address and I get their response in a different address which is fine, but why it wouldn’t send the authorization code the same way?

Thank you to anybody who has a solution for this or where to go to correct it.

@colin might be able to help you with this problem.
I pinged him for you and I’m sure he will respond when he has the time…

I sent you a message to ask a couple of questions.