License deactivation problem

Dear Sketchup Support,

I need to deactivate a license that was activated on a computer whose hard drive has crashed. Please call or email me.

It’s against forum policy and also a very bad idea to include all your personal details. They get harvested by web crawling bots. Best to edit your post and erase the details. I see this is the second time this has happened to you, likely as you are accessing the Forum through your email which includes the signature, better to use the Forum through a web browser.

If the morherboard with the LAN-adapter (Mac address) hasn’t changed, adding rhe license should still work.

Only when you specifically asked support in the past to hook the license to the hard disc tou will need to contact support.

So, reinstall the app, go to the [menu] Help > Welcome to SketchUp and add your license info in the ‘Classic’ tab.