How to reset licenses for an older version of SketchUp?

I’m an occasional user of SketchUp for woodworking and renovation projects. Back in 2016 I bought a licensed copy which back then was a perpetual (now called ‘classic’) license, but have since retired the computers I’d installed it on. I’m getting back into a few older projects and need to edit my designs, but when I tried to install SketchUp on my new computer, I got an error that I’ve exceeded my license limit. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the old computers.

Trimble automatically sent an e-mail with a link to request a license count reset from technical support. Following the link, it asked for my license number, but when I entered it, it said the license is too old and the contact link for technical support is greyed out.

So, Trimble sent me a link to technical support, then blocked me from actually contacting them… not helpful.

Does anyone know how to contact get an actual license count reset?

Thanks in advance!

(As an aside, I was considering ponying up the $300 for new a yearly license, once I re-started my projects and could justify the newer features, but having Trimble make it so hard to install software I’ve already paid a license for me is making me look for alternatives. I get that they need to make ongoing revenue, but at least prove you can honor your legacy customers guys! FreeCAD is starting to look attractive.)

@colin might be able to help resolve this for you.

Thanks for the fast reply! Just sent him a message.

OK, for future reference the @ with his name will let him know to look at the thread. For example @stevenkasapi will notify you.

In the mean time you could install SU 2017 make which will give you a 30 day pro trial and then revert to the make version, which will allow you to work with your files while working out your license issues. 2017 and 2016 install as separate entities so having one doesn’t effect the other. You can back save your 2017 files to work in 2016 as well.
You can download 2017 Make from Here

If you bought it in 2016, you bought it with a one-year Maintenance plan as well, meaning, you automatically received license information of the Pro 2017 version.
Check your email for that message or have it resend via
(Replace ‘R’ with ‘S’, every version has a different character)

For your interest, I did get the message and also found the support ticket. Getting multiple activations of a classic license on one machine is unusual, so I will look at the machines that have been activated. Maybe there’s an old machine that Steve activated on and didn’t remove the license from it later on.

I could fix all that on my work computer, but it’s in my checked bag at Heathrow Airport! I’ve replied to Steve’s support ticket to say I’ll take care of it when I get home this evening.

Thanks very much Colin.

I did retire the computers without de-licensing SketchUp, but I’m not sure why you’re seeing multiple activations on the same computer

Maybe you have made another user account.

I may have misread something. I thought you had said you only had the license on one machine.

Doesn’t matter now, I took care of it.

I have a same issue as @stevenkasapi.
@Box, @colin I need a help

I checked, and you should be able to activate 2016 on another machine, and it would work. You also have a 2017 license, is there a reason you can’t use 2017?

I will have your 2017 license sent to you, in case you can use that now.

Hello Colin, Thank you so much for your prompt response. I was not aware that I have an option using 2017 licence. It will be great to have it.

When you activate 2017 on a computer that already had 2016 activated on it, it doesn’t count as a new machine. If you activate on a computer that has never had 2016, that would count as your last remaining activation.

If you have access to older computers that you’re not using SketchUp on anymore, open 2016 and remove the license. That will free up another activation of 2017 that you could do on a newer computer.