Autorize Classic License

I have a classic license I desautirize in the old machine and now I not able to register again.


Please help me!!

For what version of SketchUp is your old classic license?

Sketchup 2019, I have the Serial and the auth code.

Your profile says 2021, not 2019.

Looks like you need to try contacting customer support to see if they can release the license for you. Did you buy the license directly from SketchUp or through a reseller?

Sorry my mistake the license is 2019, I bougth the license from a reseller but he told me the license is not in support. And not offer me any solution

Please correct your profile so it shows that you have 2019.

Try contacting SketchUp Customer Support and see if they can do anything for you. Unfortunately letting support lapse makes it difficult to get official support.

I sent a message but not anwser :frowning:

I expect someone will get back to you as sson as they can.

Maybe now is a good time to go ahead and get a license for SketchUp 2021.

When did you buy it? Maybe, you received a license for 2020, too

Not I habe the code for the 2019 only with support until 2020-01-01


Ah, 2020 was released end of january, I believe. If so, your version 2019 should still be ‘active’ meaning, you can activate and de-activate.
What might come into play is the extra license granted during the Covid- period. You may activate on 2 machines, have one spare activation and during the covid, an extra one was granted by SketchUp.
That one is withdrawn.
There is only one correct way of removing the license, de-installing SketchUp is not de-activating the license. You need to do that in the Welcome screen > License > Remove license.
Close SketchUp and start again to check.

Yes we follow the Remove license workflow.