Switch Classic Licence to new computer

Hello there, I purchased Sketchup Pro in 2018 (classic licence) and have since upgraded to 2019. I am trying to activate it on the new computer but it is saying my serial number is out of date. I can’t seem to get any help from customer support because that expired 3 days ago! (Murphy’s Law!!). It says I can have it installed on 2 computers but only use it on one at a time. I am concerned about deleting it from my old computer before it is properly installed on my new one, but wondering if that could be the problem?

If I had known I couldn’t use the licence the following year, I would have purchased an annual licence, but figured for the cost it should be good for a few years!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


When a support contract runs out you have 30 days “grace period” to renew things. You could do that at this page:


That aside, in general, when updating from 2018 to 2019 I would keep 2018 around for a while, in case you have extensions that need 2018, or other issues. You could install 2018 on the new computer, get that going with your 2018 license.

Note that your 2018 license starts with TA, and 2019 start with UA. Also, the authorization code gets changed. If you go to the license manager page I mentioned, you can enter your email and 2018 serial number, and then email yourself the 2019 authorization code. That may be enough to fix things.

if you are outside the USA you will find your local reseller here.

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