2018 Sketchup Pro License

Hi all, new, so apologies if anything is posted incorrectly. I have had to re-install 2018 Pro onto a machine after a hardware failure. I had all the usual problems everyone seems to have and followed all the great advice on making sure Sketchup could see the internet. However, I have gotten into the add license page now and it asks for serial number and authorization code. I have tried pasting them in and typing them in and then I get a spinning circle as if it is processing and then nothing happens at all… It still says I am on a trial version. I have tried every bit of advice I can find, I have the correct serial number and code and it used to work, but now nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

Use the search option on the forum, there seems to be a lot of topics about your problem…


The recent license issues didn’t affect 2018. But, you have 2018 activated on three computers, and so may have hit the message about it being activated on too many machines, and that message failed to get through.

It need not matter though, you have a license for 2019. If you don’t have a reason to stay with 2018, installing 2019 should go ok.

I will send a message to you with your 2019 license in it.

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