Oops...Sketchup 2018 Pro won't recognise legitimate serial number

I am trying to move my Sketchup 2018 installation to an other computer before updating to SU2021. When I try to add the license, I get an “Oops… that doesn’t look like a valid Serial Number and Authorization Code combination” message. I have a Classic license that has been upgraded to SU2020 and 2021 under the maintenance and support plan. I have not installed or licensed 2020 or 2021 yet, so I thought I would still be able move (remove and add license) SU2018. When I checked the License Manager, my 2021 serial is listed in blue, underneath is my 2020 serial in grey with “On Hold” in brackets, but my 2018 serial is not listed. Can anyone explain what my options are in this situation?

It does look odd. I put your 2018 license into a state where you should be able to activate it on the new computer, at least until you activate 2020 or 2021. Finish activating 2018, then 2020, then 2021.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting a reply that quickly - thanks. I must admit I was hoping that you were on the case, as judging by the forums you’re the man to sort these things out!
And sort them out you did - I was able to archive and update as planned with no issues.
Thank you for your help.

hello, I am having the exact same problem as mac_6. i had the “no internet connection” issue first, go that fixed only to hit this road block any chance you might be ale to help me, also @colin ? many thanks!

I had to think about what was the roadblock you were talking about.

You have a 2019 license that you never used. I’m guessing you’re tryin to get 2018 going, but using your 2019 license. I could give you your 2018 license, but is there a reason you couldn’t use 2019?

If the serial number you are trying starts with a U, that is your 2019 license. If you don’t mind installing 2019 and use that license with it, here is the Windows installer for 2019:


Install that, and add the license that starts with U, and its matching authorization code.

If there is a reason you need to stay with 2018, let me know, and I can give you your 2018 license details.

THANK YOU COLIN!! I didn’t realize I was attempting to use a 2019 license with the 2018 version. I never downloaded or installed 2019 so all I had was the 2018 .exe file.

I used the link you sent and installed 2019; it accepted my serial number and authorization so all seems ok.

Hi Colin!
I am having the same issue as the OP. Except that I am trying to move a 2018 pro licence from my old laptop to a new laptop.
I “removed” the license from my old laptop and am unable to install the license on my new laptop.
When I checked the License Manager, i am getting a message saying that my license has been upgraded to a new license and I have to contact the re-seller. I have done that and am waiting on them but wanted to know if you could shed some light on this? This is a perpetual license. 2018 serves me perfectly well for my needs and I never upgraded or anything of that sort.


I don’t know why the removal of the existing 2018 license didn’t deactivate that machine. You’re still left with having activated 2018 on 3 machines, and so it will fail to activate on a new machine.

You were entitled to 2019, because you were still under support for that version. If you don’t mind being more recent, using your 2019 license would be a simpler solution. I will send you a message with your license details.

Hello, I too have been struck with this problem and I am hoping that someone (Colin?) will be able to help me. My motherboard blew up and I updated the hardware. Now my SU Pro 2018 license wont work. I’ve requested a resending of the confirmation code for my license listed in License Manager for SU Pro 2018. I add the license but a SketchUp dialog opens stating “The license you added is not a valid Sketchup 2018 license.” It may be that I have it listed on too many machines also. Unfortunately I have had several motherboards fail (I won’t mention the manufacturer. :slightly_smiling_face: ) which doesn’t give me the opportunity to remove the license first. Thanks.

I adjusted your license, you should be able to do a Remove License, Add License, and it should work.

G’day Colin,
Your support is another great reason why I recommend this software to everyone. Many many thanks! :+1: