Sketchup License Related


That doesn’t look like a valid license for this version.
Each year’s version has its own unique license serial number and authorization code.

SketchUp Pro 2018 serial numbers begin with the letter “T”.

Above message is getting popup, what to do? please share solution.

What version have you downloaded?

Try the steps I give here:

Also, you have a 2019 version of both of your licenses. Unless you have a reason to stay with 2018, you could install 2019 and use the later license. Maybe you are already trying your later license on 2018? If the serial number starts with a U, that’s your 2019 license.

It’s important to mention that the license info is unique for each version, apart from the different starting letter, they have other codes as well…

Sketchup 2018

I tried it earlier, it’s not working

What is the reason you are using 2018 instead of 2019?

We purchased 2018 version & have licence of the same, i.e. why using 2018, I also tried searching 2019 version, it’s not available, if you have link of 2019 version please share.


I will send a message to you with your 2019 license details.