Licence not working

Hi, my original 2018 licence of Sketchup has expired, I got an autorenew email containing my new Serial Number and Authorisation code but get the below message when inputting.

The Serial number I have begins with UA, not T ?



May be answering my own question here but do i need to download 2019 instead? Is the UA for 2019 not 18?

hello, that is probably it. to make sure of it go there
it will tell you what product your licence refers to

Serial numbers of SUP v2019 starts with a “U…”, download from here (login req.).

Success, that was indeed the issue, it would have been handy and saved an hour for a little detail explaining I had been sent a 2019 license and would need to update when I got my renewal mail.

Thanks for your help Paul

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Do you have a student license?
These will expire after a year, regardless if you upgrade or not.
You will need to buy a new, if expired…