Trouble switching Sketchup Classic licence to new PC

Help :slight_smile:

My PC died very suddenly before I could transfer my Classic licence to my new PC.

I have retrieved my Classic Licence serial number VA-*****- and authorization number from Licence Manager and confirmed with Sketchup support.

When I use the default method of adding my licence, the system response is ‘That doesn’t look like a correct Serial Number and unique Authorization Code for this version of SketchUp’

I have tried manually typing etc.

When I try using the advanced route I get the error message that ‘the licence I added is not a valid Sketchup licence’

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you solve it please?

What version of SketchUp did you have? What version did you install on your new computer?

Please add the version number in your forum profile.

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Are you installing the correct SketchUp version? Your serial number only works with SketchUp 2020.

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Dear All,

Thank you everyone for your speedy responses.

With help from @Colin of Sketchup team (thank you so much), I managed to work out the issue which I am posting here for the newbies like me :):

  1. Sketchup annual releases are tagged with recognizable letter suffix which changes each year.
  2. For example, a serial number of V*-***-, V means it is a 2020 release, U means 2019, T is for 2018 etc.
  3. If your classic licence is from 2020 (which I think is the last year that you could get a classic licence?), you need to download the 2020 Sketchup version.
  4. This is the link to download 2020 version:
  5. The download will give you the option to install Classic licence in the bottom right of the pop up box.
  6. When you click the prompt it will ask for your licence details and serial number and will guide you through the rest of the install.

Voila! As easy as that, hope someone out there finds this useful …


Out of curiosity, what version had you installed before you started this thread?

Please correct your profile with the right information. If you had done that two days ago you’d have gotten the answer sooner.